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Customer Business Profile

Atomic PR, founded in 1999, is rated as one of the top 15 agencies in the San Francisco Bay area. It serves technology, B2B, consumer and entertainment clients. Atomic PR has three offices in the United States and international partnerships with agencies in Europe, Asia and South America. The firm is conducting public relations activities on behalf of NYSE & NASDAQ listed companies and early stage start-ups.

The Situation

When Atomic PR co-founders, Andy Getsy and James Hannon, decided to build a public relations agency that was equipped to face the challenges of operating in the information age, they knew that it had to be different from the way that most agencies were operating. The new company would cut overhead, operate frugally and most importantly it would utilize best of breed technology solutions to link account teams together with clients.

“Traditional public relations firms waste too much time trying to connect with clients over the phone and by email. This can cause headaches when a client or account team member is traveling, or when developing a document that requires detailed version control. Emails often get crossed and the two parties find themselves moving in different directions, unable to get together on the same page. We wanted to make communication easy so that our teams could concentrate on execution, not on administration,” says Andy Getsy.

So Getsy and Hannon set out to build the technology infrastructure that would make Atomic PR stand out in the crowded PR landscape. “We re-engineered PR processes and workflows to increase our efficiency, remove time and place as a barrier to moving work forward, and to create greater visibility and value for our clients,” says James Hannon.

The Solution

As part of this re-engineering process, Getsy and Hannon partnered with, now the Small Business Division of WebEx Communications, Inc. Atomic PR adopted WebEx WebOffice to facilitate internal communications at the agency and to link account teams with the client’s staff - allowing organic, real time, virtual communication and collaboration.

“Partnering with WebEx, to develop Atomic PR branded WebOffices was an easy decision for us,” Hannon said. “The deployment of these sites is extremely easy. They are a very robust communications tool that allows us to plug our own back end systems into a Web front end and the cost of WebOffice is nominal compared to building this type of interface on our own.”

"Facilitating a high level of collaboration between our account teams, partner agencies and clients has been crucial to our success, and WebEx WebOffice has made that possible."

- James Hannon, Co-founder, Atomic PR

The Benefits

This partnership has become a competitive advantage for Atomic PR. Everyday, Atomic PR’s clients exchange critical information on a WebEx WebOffice that is completely branded for Atomic PR - giving the appearance of a home-grown solution to what is in reality a WebOffice that is powered, hosted and supported by WebEx.

Atomic PR’s individual WebOffices are keeping the firm’s current clients happy, and are used in pitching new business to differentiate Atomic PR in today’s public relations market.

New clients have factored WebOffice into their decision to choose Atomic PR as their agency of record. “Our approach to collaboration and our use of WebOffice as an online work platform have helped us to win new business,” Hannon said. “Our employees and clients love the functionality of WebOffice. Partnering with WebEx to deploy multiple WebOffices is one of the best decisions that we have made.”

WebOffice has alleviated the traditional choke points agencies face and is able to streamline communications. Account teams and clients have a virtual area where information can be accessed and exchanged, regardless of time or location.

“WebOffice provides a central place where account teams and clients both go to develop strategy, write press releases and exchange information. There is never a question of who has the latest version of any document. WebOffice always has the latest version,” says Hannon.

Press releases, public relations plans, research, reports, contact information, editorial calendars and all team and client information are housed in the WebOffice Document Manager. This centrality makes editing and updating the information as well as managing projects and public relations campaigns easy for everyone involved.

All of this happens without one internal file server. The virtual nature of WebOffice gives Atomic PR and its clients unparalleled communication flexibility, without the cost of building an internal system.

Because account teams are using WebOffice to exchange critical infor- mation with clients, no matter where they are located or what time it is, they are freer to concentrate on executing public relations activities rather than waiting for client input.

WebOffice also allows clients to manage public relations projects and add value and expertise on their own schedule. This is important for corporate communications professionals who often find themselves short of time during business hours to check in with their agency.

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Atomic PR uses multiple WebOffices for internal collaboration and to service clients. WebOffice provides the central place where Atomic PR account teams and clients go to develop strategy, write press releases, edit and update documents, exchange information and manage projects.


  • Atomic PR uses WebEx WebOffice to collaborate and communicate with clients.
  • Atomic PR uses the WebEx WebOffice Document Manager to house all of its press releases, public relations plans, research, reports, contact information, editorial calendars and all other account team and client information.
  • WebEx WebOffice allows Atomic PR account executives and their clients to collaborate and manage projects, anytime, anywhere.